What is Anorexia?

Coeliac disease is a condition in which the immune system reacts abnormally to a protein called gluten, causing damage to the small intestines. The tiny, finger-like projections which line the small intestines become inflamed and flattened. Consequently, nutrient absorption is impaired, and symptoms of malnutrition can result. It is not a food allergy but an auto-immune disease. Click here to visit our Allergies & Intolerances Nutrition Information Page.


What is Bulimia?


A protein found in certain common grains:

  • wheat (and its derivatives e.g. triticale, kamut, spelt)

  • barley (and its derivatives e.g. malt)

  • rye

  • oats


What is Orthorexia?

You may want to try this self test, the Authorised Bratman Orthorexia Self-Test, before taking the necessary steps on getting personalised help.


What is Food Addiction?

You may want t

A collaborative and accountable approach


Overcoming an eating disorder or a food addiction requires assistance from more than one expertise or therapy approach. It is clear that eating disorders and addictions fall under the banner of mental health so if you haven't already connected with a Psychologist or Counsellor we encourage you do. Your GP is also a key person towards your long term health. If you feel you need in home supports, it can come from family members, friends, visiting nurses, an outreach program or your church. Accountability is the key to long term success, so turn up to each appointment and keep to the appointment intervals set out by your professionals you are part of your team.

Where to get more help?

  • Beyond Blue

  • The Lasting Freedom program (online, you need to be in a state of readiness for change and a willingness to recover)

  • The Southern Eating Disorders Outreach Program (linked to Flinders Hospital)




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